(Montessori preschool at Redmond ridge)



At “Redmond Children’s Academy (RCA)” , a Montessori preschool and childcare, we strive to build confident learners and leaders through their academic understanding and mastery by creating an enriching and fun environment where children love to learn.
RCA’s program brings together a unique combination of strengths from both the self-paced Montessori methodology and the traditional learning. Montessori materials and practices fulfill a kid’s innate need to touch, to see, to hear, to smell and to explore and in the process strengthen their fine motor control, eye and hand coordination, focus, concentration, and attention to detail. While the Montessori materials and practices introduce students to everyday practical life, math, and language concepts, our traditional learning methodology prepares them for their next phase of their academic life through their worksheet/workbook activities.
At RCA, the teacher learns about each student’s interests, learning style, and temperament, through careful observation. The teacher understands the student’s developmental needs, and is receptive to her/his “sensitive periods,” and introduce new concepts or skills when she/he is most ready to learn them. When the teacher observes that the student has mastered a concept or skill, the students get introduced to new lessons that become increasingly complex and abstract.
Our program is suited for children ages 2 to 6 years old and for the convenience of our parents, we also offer child care before and after school for which we are licensed by the "Department of Early Learning".
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