(Montessori preschool at Redmond ridge)


RCA’s Montessori preschool curriculum has been carefully crafted by experienced teachers with a goal of providing a nurturing environment that prepares your child for a successful educational, emotional, and social foundation.

Language and speech development areas are designed to help the child reach the 3rd period of consciousness by helping him/her understand that sound and words have meaning. Phonics are introduced and help the child master the concepts by introducing their relation to different parts of the word.
Montessori materials help the child in understanding the number concepts by allowing him/her to see, hold and use math manipulatives, that helps the child to learn and retain the concepts and information in a more natural way. Montessori material is supplemented with the traditional math material (work sheets) to help bring the Montessori knowledge to real life examples.
Children are introduced to more concrete concepts like taking care of the plants, learning different parts of the leaves, plants, animals, vertebrates and invertebrates, basic concepts related to our universe and the solar system and how they function together.
Children will work on maps, landforms like islands, peninsula, lakes, etc… and learn about different cultures across the world.
Practical life:
Practical life activities will help refine small and large muscle skills and help develop your child’s hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, concentration and attention to detail.
Sensorial materials are designed to help the child develop every quality perceived by the senses such as size, shape, weight, texture, composition, visualization, etc… Sensorial work also helps the child develop discrimination, order, classification, and refinement of the senses.
Art and Music:
Materials and environment encourages open-ended activities that help children explore and use their creativity. It is the process that is given more importance than the product, which takes away the stress on the child and allows them to be more free and creative.
Daily Schedule
After Care Program